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  • bored with your marriage

  • frustrated with your marriage

  • feel no love from your spouse

  • need some excitement your marriage just isn't providing

  • feel monogamy is just unnatural

  • feel constantly neglected by your spouse

  • have no passion in your marriage

  • feel trapped, but need an escape
  • need to be discreet!

Let's face aren't here because your marriage is everything you'd hoped it would be. In fact, I'd bet you fall into at least one or more of the categories listed above. We all do. And that's why the concept of married dating has taken off the way it has.

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Think about that.....all of the excitement and passion of an affair without any of the risk. It's perfect! And it's perfect for forward thinkers like yourself and others who are realizing just how unnatural monogamy really is.
Did You Know?
  • over 50 million married American men are cheating

  • 50% of them have multiple affairs

  • less than 10% say they cheated because they were unhappy with their sex life

  • 15% of married women cheat on their husbands
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